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1. Alla sobirova ( Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
Thank you a lot for making my life simplier). 2012-10-18 23:30
2. Aisha Siddique (UK)
Great teacher! Was there on time and easy to understand.
3 luca1 ( USA)
Very clear and patient. Amit paced himself according to my understanding. The Physics lesson included regular questions to ensure I understood fully.
4. I.Kat ( Australia)
Another excellent lesson from a very professional tutor.
5 Abhishekkumar1 ( Mumbai)
I had class on Permutation and combination which was interesting and absorbing. I enjoyed attending his class.
6 Marat ( France)
Leaning Math for GRE from Amit was really a pleasant experience.He is very cool and patient, irrespective of how many times I asked him about any concept.
7.Farangis ( USA)
Hi Amit, I enjoyed your class, fact that you've got a cold I guess, the class was productive for me.
8. Nitin Jain ( Mumbai)
I will simply call it, superb way of explaining the concept.
9 Surabhi Ghosh ( Banglore).
I like Amit sirs way of explanation. He makes it easy to understand even any complicated topic. 2014-10-18 21:30
10.Kim ( U.K.)
I had conceptual confusion earlier with Probability, but when Amit explained me Events like (A or B) & (A and B)...I can easily work out questions from this topic. Thanks Amit, no one explained me better than you earlier.
11.Shivani ( Australia)
Great teacher, patient, cool...And always logs in class before me ( lol)
12.Debolina ( Quatar)
Very clear explanation of the concept with every topic he tutored
13. Seema Gupta ( Australia)
Great teaching and easy to follow the concept.
14 "If you are looking for a good Math Teacher for your child, Mr. Amit sure has that skill. He has a great amount of patience and in-dept knowledge to get into the details. My son had like his teaching a lot. My child is himself good at Math, and if he says this teacher is good, he is above other teachers for sure!

-Seema "

15.By Jalaj Arora posted on 11 July, 2015

Yes, I will die hardly recommend this tutor.He is been teaching since past six month.I have to admit he has made a big difference..My son's level has gone up. He is in year 8 now. We are Uk based.When we were looking for online tutoring we were quite unsure that time how it is going to be.But def it's been a big hit.Tutor shows the immense patience and willing to listen to the feedback always and moreover every time we can discuss out the son's progression and decide on the future courses accordingly.I will give it 10/10.Many thanks Mr Amit...We are loving it and will recommend 100%positively to all the parents who are looking for the options...Just try it out..

17Komal ( UAE)
Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5 | Classroom Experience: 5 of 5 | Recommends Amit Jha for SAT Math 2 tutoring.

18 Aparna ( US)

By Aparna posted on 18 June, 2015

My son is in 6th grade. Mr. Amit Jha has been teaching him since last 7 months. His tutoring definitely has shown a great difference in my son's Mathematical skills. Now he got advanced in Mathematics that is taking 8th grade Math class though he is going to 7th grade in this summer. I would strongly recommend this teacher to anyone who is looking for a home tutoring.

By Lea Angeles posted on 07 October, 2012

Though time was not enough, I learned something from the class, which was really useful for me

20 Kalpana Singh ( US)

Mr Jha has been tutoring Maths to my 9 th grader daughter for the past one year and I can see a remarkable improvement in her grades in Mathematics. She has also developed interest in the subject.I thank Mr Jha for changing and bringing positive attitude for Mathematics. I recommend Mr Jha to any one who is looking for a good Maths tutor.

21 Feedback
Monday, September 21 2015

Ujjwal Jaipur
Knowledge Gained: 5 of 5 | Classroom Experience: 5 of 5 | Recommends You

22. Geeta Trivedi ( US)

My 8 th grader daughter got tutored by Mr Amit.She had Math anxiety. Now I can see remarkable improvement in her grades. Thanks to Amit!!!!

23. Jyotsna Mishra USA

Amit is a brilliant teacher. He tutored SAT2 Mathematics to my daughter and she performed very well in her test. Thanks a lot to you Mr Amit for Shaping my daughters future.

24. Joanne Kaminski
Reading Tutor and Online Tutor Business Coach

Amit is a first class individual dedicated to the success of his students. He is a results oriented teacher that understands how to make learning fun. I highly recommend him for your tutoring needs. View

25. Razvan Georgescu . Recommends You

I consider a chance from Divine to meet Mr. Amit when I was in need to have a proper tutor for my daughter, Sunita. I am contented how the Maths & Physics lessons take place until now and feel no adverse reaction to foresee the same for the future. Mr. Amit has the necessary knowledge and patience to work with children; no doubts this is a Divine Gift. Thank you very much and "Carry on!" Razvan Georgescu, Sunita's father.

26 Hi Amit kumar, I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile. Thanks, Nagu http://www.Linkedin.Com/recs/received "Mr Amit Jha had been tutoring my daughter for the last 4 months via skype. He is a highly motivated and dedicated person. He has in depth knowledge in the subject and explains the concepts clearly. I personally recommend him as the best teacher and guide.

27Kim Hoang

8:56 PM (3 hours ago)

Hello Amit

We would like to thank you very much for your wonderful teaching for our daughter who is in grade 3 here in Montreal, Canada. We have been with you since April 2016 only and already after 3 months, we can see BIG improvements for her mental calculations (multiplication, addition, substraction in resolving problems).

After each class, our daughter always comes away with increased understanding of the material that is being taught. For each new topic, you made sure she has the base and understood the background well before moving on. You are patient and able to motivate our daughter in learning Math, which will help her so much in school.

We are very happy and grateful for having you as our daughter's Math teacher! THANK YOU!!

Please feel free to post our comments and thank you note.

Kim Hoang & Marcus Truong

28 Caleb Christian, US

Mr. Amit Kumar Jha is well known teacher in Patna, India but those who do not know him will. Mr Amit teaches vast number of subjects including Physics, eletrical engineering, calculus, and Chemistry. To me Mr. Amit is a kind, loving teacher who will take his time to teach you and will explain the answer to you in full detail if you don't understand. When you are stuck or in a bad mood or just plain not paying attention he will ask you something different or change the subject just long enough for you the student to snap back into learning. He is truly a wonderful teacher. You can find all the subjects he can teach on this website: www.Wiziq.Com/saiamit.

29 : Sandhya Bajaj, Mumbai.

Amit one word for you GENIUS!!!

30 Sunita ( Romania....)

"hello sir, I have been practicing :D for Maths.Ur tricks helped me a lot.My fear of compound interest has vanished now, thxn a lot for helping me.U r one of the best teachers I have met in my life."